Globalgen Facebook Validation


For anyone concerned.

I alone own and make Globalgen products. Those who tried Globalgen know how much time and care we put into it.

Collin has been one of my first resellers since I first started selling. He is my only point of contact to the group. I never joined the group or even checked. I talked to Collin he talks to whoever does the selling/

Only i ship orders. I don’t even know who Johnny bravo is until I found out he’s Ian who is also known as tenk who jacked Illuminati labs owner to find his SARMS company. Also he used to sell militant labs gear which we all know was made by the same Dave stone who makes RX pharma and a dozen other low quality gear brands/

When I found out I told Collin I wanted him out chase once a snake always a snake.

It is true that Collin plans to start his own line of Anabolics. What’s not true is that he is either cooking and counterfeiting my brand or whatever.

To do so is putting doubt into my brand out of spite.

Johnny bravo and his gf whoever they are from now on will not be associated with me or my brands.

If you want to validate please feel free to email me on the website and email found on the bottles or boxes of global gen sold to you.

Don’t trust a word of a snake and a thief.

Oh yeah also kicked him cause he’s been siphoning my buyers into his other group.

Stay healthy my friends.
Feel free to ask any questions