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Chemical name: Clenbuterol hcl

Strength: 40mcg/tab

Size: 100 tabs


Clenbuterol can be purchased in both tablet and liquid form. Ultimately there is no performance difference between the tablet or liquid form but Clen can be a welcome addition to any anabolic steroid cycle as well as in post cycle therapy.


Clenbuterol has a slight anabolic nature but it really gets supercharged when you add it to a cycle with steroids. Ultimately it’s not that effective on its own but it can help you achieve some amazing metabolic effects. Clen aids with fat burning unlike any other medication on the market today and it can help you increase your cardiovascular efficiency which can really help you expand your training and push yourself further.




Ultimately Clenbuterol is really only effective when it’s used in stacking. The anabolic steroid that you choose to pair with clenbuterol will be instantly supercharged and allow you to achieve a leaner and harder physique than with traditional steroids alone. You can continue to see fat burning effects and amazing lean muscle mass throughout any cycle that includes Clen. A combination of Clen, HGH and an anabolic steroid will give you nearly impossible training results that you wouldn’t be able to achieve from any other combination. To find your dosage it’s usually best to start with just one tab and increase your dosage as you feel comfortable. Clen will gradually increase its metabolic effects and even though you aren’t following sound guiding principles you can continue to lose body fat.




Introduce Clen into any day of your cycle that has you eating more calories. Clen should also be used as a catalyst alongside other anabolic steroids and medications. For its fat burning properties Clen is also extremely useful in post cycle therapy. Ultimately it’s best to follow guiding principles with Clen but you can utilize clenbuterol for an extended period during and beyond your cycle with little health concerns because of its extremely mild actions. Ultimately Clen can be a part of your training each step of the way and is a welcome addition to any cycle but not as effective when used on its own.

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