Test P200


test Propionate 200


Chemical name: Testosterone Propionate

Strength: 200mg/ml

Size: 10ml bottle


Propionate is one of the most powerful testosterone esters available on the market. Most athletes that choose to use this testosterone ester are able to see more active testosterone in each millimeter of product. This is so distilled that athletes can reduce their doses to a third of what they might normally take with other testosterone esters to see the same level of effectiveness. Ultimately the power in each dose really doesn’t change the effectiveness but it does make it much more reasonable to purchase and store.


This testosterone was originally developed for testosterone replacement therapy or low  testosterone conditions. Although it still used in the medical world for testosterone replacement therapy many athletes have discovered that it has amazing applications for performance enhancement as well. Highly powerful doses make this easy to track and very effective even for first-time users.




Most athletes stick to a regimen of around 100 mg every day or every other day through the course of their cycle. This will keep optimal blood levels through the course of training. Most athletes usually topped out at around 700 mg for their dosage every week. Testosterone replacement therapy patients take between 25 to 50 mg of the testosterone 2 to 3 times each week. In some extreme cases or for larger athletes there have been instances where recorded doses of 200 mg per day were seen. Unless you are a major competitor or a very large athlete this isn’t recommended however because it can increase the likelihood of estrogen-based side effects. It’s always recommended to take some type of estrogen blocker when using testosterone-based steroids due to their aromatizing nature. You should never try a very large dose for your first cycle and it’s best to err on the side of caution to take around the 100 mg per day mark.




Taking testosterone for performance enhancement will help you do increase your overall sense of well-being, increase recovery times, maximize muscle power and strength as well as improve the strength of your muscle tissues. This can help you to maximize your training and in some cases even help with your sex drive.




Most athletes enjoy long cycles with the help of testosterone-based esters. This one is no different and long cycles of up to 16 weeks at a time are possible. Most athletes stick to an 8 to 12 week schedule however. PCT is most definitely required after a long cycle to normalize your hormones after you stop injecting testosterone.


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